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About Shattered Dreams

My best friend's got married the day before I finished this title poem. December 6,1997. I finished this poem at about 12:00 am the sixth was their reception, and the day I began it. My world has forever changed. I want to thank both of you for being my friends. The First time I ever danced was with Angela. The poem is filled with much truth and my feelings at the time. I feel you can only right truly about what you experiance, and so very few of my poems are joyful, all are thoughtful.

I did not try to emphasize the rhyming of the words as I have been acused of in the past, I have also been accused of trying to get attention from my poetry. This is not so. I write what I feel when I feel it, as a creative output. Shattered Dreams was a prime example of my poetry and of my almost over whelming feelings of the time. So I hope you enjoyed the poem and the rest on this site.

The title poem of this site was written from my heart on the night of my friends getting married. I finnished the next morning as I have stated and everything written is truth. Many believe that men can not truly know that deep of love, I am living proof that is wrong. Now is the time to try to gleam what one can from the broken peices left behind in the storm of life.

Copyright © 1998 Erick White and Shatterd Dreams