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      Beating Hearts

            Inspiration: S.C.
            Date: Tuesday June 29, 1999

I can hear a heart beating in the darkness
The soul of one caress
The night swallows much
Even more with that hearts tender touch.

I have missed you
I have missed your caress
I have missed your eyes in the darkness
The light that hath kept me from distress

I have missed your friendship
I have missed your tender words
I have missed the sound of your voice upon the dew
Missed I have your touch as we slept, my love that grew

I have missed your heart beating in the darkness next to me
The sight without anything to see
The feel of your breath upon the wind
The breath that shivers send
Missed the touch of your mind
You, Oh goddess, are a love I shall not lessen in time

Always be my friend
Never from your presence my heart send
I have missed you
I have missed our talks
I have missed the nights with you.
I am grateful that with me your thoughts have been
I am grateful you love me and missed me too.

You know that my heart is true
When I say I love you.
One kiss
One Caress
The night now again our bridge.
Your heart beating in the darkness


Copyright © 1999 Erick White