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        Hearts Blade

            Inspiration: C.K.
            Tuesday Febuary 24, 1998

A primal scream rips through the night air
The sound of a tortured soul with too much to bear
Mixed emotions threatining to break the surface
Ripping through the skin at the slightest glimpse of your face

Knowing the sapphire sun shall not love me
The beast I am runs through the brush scared of living without the breeze
Your disfavor I can not bear
I do not dare to ask if for me you care.

The impossible can not come true
I am traped where I know not what to do
My heart I try to hide, yet it doth betray me
It doth stab me

I wish you could feel for me
I wish I could take back the pain I coused thee
I would do nothing to intentionaly hurt you mon renardeau
Few are destined to be alone, I am one of those few

Can you see the love hidden within?
My action thoughtless, careless, I can not defend
I have given you the blade to heal me or kill
I seek only your will

Your sapphire eyes are my sustenance
On you I have thrown my last chance
To sentance to death
Or to give life's breath

I am a shade
A whisper of wind, a drop on the blade
Alive yet dead
Walking human dread

Does it matter that I love you too
Mon la femme de lutin does it matter to those eyes of blue?
If I lose you too,
I have no reason to live beyond the midnights hue.


Copyright © 1998 Erick White.