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        Blood And Bone

            Finished: Friday May 1, 1998

What do I see
A dark chasm opening before me
Cold stairs carved from stone
Where it leads is carved from the unknown

I am only blood and bone
In darkness the lonliness has grown
Dark chasm swirls closer
I have no cure, no self potion to stir

Alone I am all through time
My life like a deafining winds tiny chime
When will the hearth warm my bones
When will love rise from the frozen stones

I walk through the ebony chasm
Down the stairs through the heart's schism
In the darkness the chill has grown
In my bones cold as stone

Without love, Without home
In pain and rain and broken bone
Dying in life
Living in Death

Only blood and bone
In the souls darkness lonliness has grown
Lost without love in the unearthed unwarmed unknown
My heart in freezing in stone

Pain asoults the senses
Lonliness without defenses

Only blood and bone
Flesh and stone
What chasm they whisper
But never of cure

What gray dream
What is lost, what is seen
The darkness is my light
My soul lost in this fight

No one can see
The love lost in the chasm within me
The stab of the knife
The death of life

I am only blood and bone
Flesh and stone
Truth and pain
Bright in rain
What do I see but everyone happy before me
When will the cold stone agree

When will my heart be free
When will the darkness realease me
Why can't they see
The love within me

Only blood and bone
Flesh and Stone
They all call to me in whisper
But never a cure
But always a whisper
Never sure, never a cure.


Copyright © 1998 Erick White