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            Inspiration: J.W. & D.B. & C.K.
            Finished: Thursday December 17, 1998

I stare at the broken reflection
The image of a broken souls resurrection
To indeed resurrect the flowing of the red
The raised thoughts of you I see upon my bed

In courses of time rarely smooth
But problems and pain, with thoughts of you, do soothe
As a refreshing pool, so is your words and time with me cooled
Being with you is as if I am drinking deeply from a cool refreshing pool

Dream I do of you
What things are more true
What things do you see
Do you fully and truly behold the real me

Will you turn away
Or will you within my soul also stay
Will our friendship always be true
Will you love me as I do you

All these myriadís I see within that broken image
That single fracture beholding myriadís of realities, and my heart and homage
Oh what truly to behold
If again my soul were whole

Your sweet words whispering upon a distant wind
Your touch but a thought to send
I have known you for centuries
Yet only a short while below the trees

The green whispers to me of Millennia with you
And I think of how your sweet voice is as refreshing as the dew
Can you see me
With me can you be

Can you mend my broken soul
Will you be the filling for the Shattered soul
I pray our friendship will always be true
I pray you love me as I do you
In the broken reflections I see you.


Copyright © 1998 Erick White