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A rose for my Rose. My first Rose16

Casey's own personal Haven. I apreciate you. If you want to put anything Here than tell me and I will write it in. Your thoughtful place. I will add things to this later. Here are your DOZEN ROSES.
Storm Winds.
A new poem about you. All you.:)
Reminders On how we met...
Casey's Rose Garden

Mon renardeau. Enjoy all of these flowers. I will add little things for you here and there.

A rose for mon DiamantThese Are for you Mon Diamant. You are a one of my best friends, So I decided since I couldn't Give them to you personaly, I would give you cyber roses. Case these will never wither or dry. They symbolize my friendship for you.

Hold your mouth, :) He he he I mean Mouse over the Roses to find Out more of What is written.

Think of me as this little frog. Dendrobates auratus. The official name. Unofficially, Erick A poison Arrow frog. Untouchable & likeable, but not anything anyone wants to go home with them.

*Neals before you and Caters to your every whim, need, and want* "What you wish I shall do Mon Diamant." Bet you don't have someone tell you that everyday:) Just tell me. "As you wish so I shall do. If it is within my power." The Rose of friendship combined with the Red Roses of love.

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