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        Anything You Need

            Inspiration: C.K.
            Began: April 14, 1998
            April 16, 1998

I'll be anything that you need
I would follow your every lead
Tell me what to do to win you
What to say so that you won't turn away

What remains most valuable is your friendship
The darkness has already into my soul slip
Through the most freezing chasm of the abyss I would travel
The very fabric of reality I would unravel

I do not wish to lose you
But I wish I knew ...
I am alone yet not alone
I am nothing, yet flesh and bone

Tell me what I have to do to win you
What do I say to make you turn my way
Whatever you need I shall become
Only I ask your friendship stay and that the heart it comes from

Just tell me what to be
To turn anyone’s heart toward me
What can someone do
to make someone love you

I wish I were loved, that you could see
I wish in the lonely night I had some one near me
That in the warm spring nights
I had someone to be my light

If you would only tell me what to do
I just don't want to lose you
Yet I wish I had more
I never want you to walk out a door

I do not wish you to ever leave my life
I can not bare anymore strife
But still I dare not dream
I dare not think that you care, that would truly be a dream

But one day will our friendship wane
Will our lives be split in twain?
Life pulls all apart
I wish that we could prevent the start

Time shall take its toll
And the greatest player will fold
But I will always remain your friend
Never allow our friendship to end

Just tell me what to say
What to do to make your eyes turn my way
I will be anything you want me to be
If only you could see inside of me

The candle flame loses its luster
Even a crisp day loses its bluster
I need someone to love
I need someone to look down from above.

I know you need someone
I only wish I was good enough to be that one
I wish I could be what you need
That all your pain I could relieve

I am faint of Heart
I am slow of mind but to never let it let out my part
I can't say what needs to be said
I can't say what could free the red

I fear that you would walk away
I wonder if I could ever face such a day
If only I knew if I could win you
If only I could reach that deep sapphire blue hue

If only I could say
What would make your eyes turn my way
If only I knew
If you could love me too.


Copyright © 1998 Erick White