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        Forging Chaos

            Inspiration: J.W., J.J., & C.K.
            Finished: December: 13, 1998

As the dark shadows embrace me
I see a face, and blue fire beseeching me
Just as I hear the deep blackness’ siren call
An ever so gentle, enticing voice sheds the light that across my path doth fall

But what shall the new beginning mean
Does all this mean what it seems?
When gray depths circle and swirl
When the deep threatens to overcome, and engulf the world

A faint distant Gateway emerges
Beckoning me with soft silken words
A hand unfolds through the black mists
With skin and silver mail a woman’s words upon the lips

Embrace still do I the darkness
But temper I the chaos
To force the forged despair onward
With the strikes of light ad lightning to ponder

No longer to flow and follow into these depths blindly
But with forged chaos and the strength of that gentle hand so kindly
To wield the powers once held inside
To crush the irons that the soul bind

Perhaps they shall be bound again one day
But till then with the maidens hand I shall wield chaos to light the way
With but a touch do these mysteries unfold
With but a touch of the red so old

Again summoned to ride dragonback
To mend again the old shattered crack
How long shall the twine hold
Know I not, for tis stronger than the old

When the wind shall come
I shall look into the woman of crimson one
Thankfully to stare into the depths made not of despair
But to promises of Hope.......


Copyright © 1998 Erick White