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Dreaming Of Debra

WIth Us

This is something for you Debra, to show you how much I love you. I have some wonderful friends who helped me put it up. This is for you, the MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN OHIO!!!!!

Take My words to heart. Trust me, look inside of me. I never want to be without you. For You Debra


As I sit here taking a break at work,
My thoughts turn to you.
And I smile.
I seem to lose all conscious awareness of the sounds that surround me,
As you come to my mind.

I see us walking hand-in-hand in the woods under a light drizzle.
I see us walking arm-in-arm along a lonely, deserted beach,
Listening to the rustling of the waves,
As they gently splash upon the sand.

The sun is always warm when I see us.
And there is always a cool, gentle, balmy breeze.
And we are alone. There is never anyone else.
And I sense a peace in my mind that defies all understanding.
And the depth of my peace lies deeper than the deepest oceans.

As we kiss, my mind enters total darkness.
My only visions are of faded stars, millions of light years away.
While embracing, I think of the feeling of being loved.
And of the wonderful security that goes along with that feeling.

The touch of your skin sends unimaginable sensations throughout my entire body.
Very strong. Yet so soft, that even the skin of a newborn babe cannot compare.
Sensations, that could never be measured in terms of power.
And yet, the power they hold over me would drive me to lay down my life for you.

As I envision our future together, I see good times, and I see hard times.
But they always end with a gentle embrace, a warm touch,
And a soft, sensuous kiss.
And I know what love is all about YOU!

For the first time in my life, my life seems complete and fulfilled.
And only yesterday, it seemed empty and void.
You have filled a hole in my heart, Deb,
That I thought was much too deep to fill.

You've shown me love as I have never known before.
You've shown me goodness I've only dreamed about.
I have so much in my life to thank you for.
And seemingly so little to give in return.
And that is my love. Today, tomorrow, and forever.

And even though I have little to give,
What little I have, I will give it all to you.
For you are the sunshine of my life.
My clouds are all gone.

Our hearts, souls, and spirits, have touched.
And our greatest link is our God.
Now, there is nothing left, but forever.
We have emerged as one.

To walk through this world together,
We have taken the first step.
And the end to any long journey begins with the first step.
And we shall walk side-by-side, arm-in-arm, and we will make it.
My darling, I love you.

by: John L. Tipton


Debra, I want you to know, that if you will have me, I will love you unconditionally, until the day I die. I LOVE YOU DEBRA I love you forever Debra

I don't know what else to say. These Roses are for you Debra, I hope you enjoyed the page. I hope this made clear how much I love you. You are the best and sweetest thing to happen to me in my life. This is but only a small token of my affection for you my sweetest Debra. If you want me, I am yours until death takes me from you. I love You Debra! Be with Me Forever