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    A Dream is a Dream

            December 13,1997

I dreamed she was mine
That she loved me, that our souls intertwined
But a dream is a dream
And I slowly slip down sarrows stream

My heart has been ripped out
I wish I... I wish you will take life's greatest route
You have begun upon an adventure with another
The road is a long and windihg one, but I travel but I travel with her

A dream is a dream and love is love
Her hair stores the radiant starlight from above
For her I would die
For her rivers I do cry

I travel the road
With her I live by my code
For her I shall do more than Die, I shall try to live
My memories nightly hount me as them I relive

In the dream I told you what I can not
In the dream I could fear not
I could shout aloud How I love thee
My hearts crimson blood flowed freely

But a dream is a dream, and time is time
I lost the chance that was mine
If only I could tell her true
"I love you..."

But a dream is a dream and time has passed
Our friendship shall always last
For without her I am dead
For without her I have no reason to raise my weary head

"I do love you"
If only you could hear
But dreams are dreams
And my love is stronger than It seems!


copyright © 1997 Erick White