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            Inspiration: J.W.
            Finished: Sunday January 3, 1999

In my dreams I hold you
But only in my dreams can I touch your eyes of blue
In that world we are closer in time
There in the darkness your hand I find

To touch your soft lips
Against me to feel your finger tips
I know your close to me
I know your heart you give freely

Your neck to gently kiss
Your voice I miss
It maters not the winter ravages
Or the death howling of the icy crystal savages

Your breath does my heart fill
No one shall I let our love kill
Your Miles away
But in my thoughts you stay
Sending me you soul
So in the night, each other we may still hold

You send me yourself
And I have all the worlds wealth
Only to touch you soon
Until then I wish upon the moon


Copyright © 1998 Erick White