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        Dying Light

            Inspiration: J.W
            Finished: Tuesday December 22, 1998

See how the Wind calls your name
See how the night with your eyes are stained
When will you know How I love thee
When will your heart open to me

When Will the wind no longer chill the bone
When the days I know in this world I am no longer alone
I want to know, can you ever love me as I do you
Will you ever love me true?

The winterlord has returned
To slay that which once had an inner burn
Why did I raise my head
When upon my soul the darkness does again tread

I love you so
If you do, no longer do I know
With darkness again my heart is filled
A soul shattered and broken, hope killed

Again lay I bound
Again lost in the light and darkness and held underground
What dreams dared I ever dream
Perhaps even the feeling of love but a misty dream

Once a broken soul soared high
Now, it is shattered and does cry
When will I know
When will I be hidden again in the snow

I love you my Gem
I hope that one day, you shall travel into this darkened den
Maybe you will raise me aright
Maybe you will love me and be my light.

Maybe the winterlord shall die by our hand
Maybe one day I shall spread my wings and sour again through out the land
Coursing veins filled with pain and fire
One day the world will feel my ire.

One day
One day in my arms more than a sword will lay.
J'taime mon diamant.


Copyright © 1998 Erick White