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      Every Time I Have to Say Goodbye

            Inspiration: J.L.L
            Date: Febuary 28, 2000

Every time I have to say goodbye
Inside a little more I die
Will this be the time that you walk away
Will this be the time I am truly afraid

Baby I wait for you
It is you that my heart belongs too
I can't hide it in my eyes even in my voice it shows
I think everyone knows
No mater what I say
No mater what I do
As plain as skies of clear blue
Clear that I belong to you

Every time I have to say goodbye
Is another day I wonder if I will ever again see your eyes
Another day without life
Another day in un-life

What must I do
How can I show you
How can I make my dreams come true

Every time you say goodbye
I lose myself in the darkening sky
Heaven knows that I only want you
My best friend as all knows too true
That it is you that my mind clings to

Grain by grain slips the sands of time
Each a moment I lost when I was blind
I don't want to say goodbye
I don't want to leave your side
I don't want to take the chance I won't hear your voice

I don't want to believe
Don't want to believe that you would leave
I love you baby
Show me the way
Everyone can see
How I am when your with me
Can't hide my eyes
Can't pretend I don't cry

Your day of white is coming
The dagger in me is twisting
Every time you say goodbye
I pray that my dreams won't be a lie
Pray I still have a chance to fly

Baby, God knows I will be by your side
Honey you know I can nothing from you hide
My love won't fade
Even in death I would return a Shade
A creature to watch over you
Trying to be worthy of you

Turn the pages of time
Look even within my mind
I am burning in the sands
Dying without your hands
Crying each time you say goodbye
Each moment of sky
One I can't fly
Each time you say goodbye
Is another piece of me that dies

Baby Page after page
I dream of a lost age
An age where you won't walk away
An age when with me you would stay
All dreams of flight
Lost with nights of lost sight

Everyone knows I love you
Can't hide my heart
I will burn
Until you return
I will burn
Until my question you return
I will burn until you teach me to fly
I will burn until the day you don't say goodbye!
Burn until your eyes say you will always be with me
Burn until you belong to me, as I to you
Until they can see
Burn until I can see you will be with me
Burn till the night when holding me close you won't say goodbye!


Copyright © 2000 Erick White