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            Inspiration: A.C.G.
            Date: Saturday June 5, 1999

I have tried to hide it from your eyes
Each day I hide from lightened sky
Afraid of your thoughts of me
Afraid of what within me you really see

The candles burn low in their holders
How long I have tried of your reaction to be sure
Staring deep within the heart of the flame
Knowing it is the beast within that I and I alone must tame

I fear of how it will make you feel
Afraid of how things will change once I break this seal
The wax closure is being released
I pray our friendship does not cease

I hope you do not laugh
I know you do not feel as I, I know you walk a different path
Long have I hid my heart
I care for you as more.

Chills run down my spine
The pain that I know soon shall be mine
Forgive my feelings
Forgive me please I already know the stings

I loose my heart to be killed again
I know I should not reveal what is within
I donít want to lose another friend
I donít want to have to withdraw again into the night wend

The Candle is flickering with my fear
My heart Racing and mind shedding the inevitable tear
Something that I needed to say once
I know you feel nothing for me
But for a second my heart I have let you see
And now I beg for you to forgive me.


Copyright © 1999 Erick White