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        Fire Light

            Finished: Monday January 26, 1998
            Inspiration: C.K.

The fire light crackles, at its heart blue flame
How its gentle warmth the night can tame
Those flames flicker and dance before my eyes
The green whispers its wild, lovely, lullaby

I stare at the silent stars
Wishing you were here and not quite so far
That you were close not just in dreams
But here looking up at the moon's silvery scintillating beams

I tell the fire what to you I can not say
It listens to what I can not say in the light of day
An icy wind couse's me to shiver
I wish to do nothing to incur your disfavor

I know not what I feel anymore
Neither do I know anymore what the future has in store
What things are right, what things are true
Why is it the binary beam is the only way I can talk to you?

I look deep into the flames and all I see
Are the mysteries of life staring back at me
The greens voice the howls of wolves and the whispers of wind
Words I can not say, actions I can not defend

What else can I see in the sapphire center
Of the crimson breeze or the glowing embers
How many dreams shall remain half remembered
How many more times can I mend the Fracture

Your name and voice drifts upon the night air
Billowing like the strands of your hair
Why do things on this night seem so clear
Perhaps tis why sailors with her can steer

What things are right, what things are true
Why is the binary beam the only way I can speak to you
The Fire light's shadows dance before my eyes
The Phoenix in her direction flies

Far away the stars twinkle and sing
About how the world will return to spring
The things the wind whispers in my ear
They are the reasons I should step away from dispair.


Copyright © 1998 Erick White.