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            Inspiration: C.K. A.R. A.A.B. J.R.
            Monday March 2,1998

Everyday I pray
That God will keep you safe another day
And I thank Him I met all of you
The tides were great when in you it blew

You four minus the lost one
Give me the hope to face another day and from life not run
Your affection means more than My worthless life

What deeper darkness would shroud my heart
If your friendship I had not to pull me back from the dark
The pillars in my life are thee
Among you is my greatest love and the new one feeling's freed

Those eyes, Green and Blue
And colors true of the other two
What dark dreams do I dare dream
What emotions does my heart seem to see

Without you all I am the walking dead
Without each and everyone of you my heart would into bloody ribbons shred
You are my Best Friends
Stuff forged from legends

Ashley, Angela, Carrie, and Jean
Help me to see another days dawn
Each knows I would die for thee
Jehovah knows How I care for thee

Greatest friend Emerald
Fiery friend Blue of the hearts rebel
Companion of light hearted laughter
And blessed friend of Bravery, Brain, and Mate of master

Everyday I pray
That God will keep you safe another day
Best Friends Forever

Know I shall be there at anytime you need
Honored to help you in even the slightest deed
I call you friends and more
For all of you the future has a rich store

I live because, and through you
Never feel alone, my spirit flys with you in the deepest darkest hue.


Copyright © 1998 Erick White