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            Inspiration: C.K.
            Wednsday Febuary 25, 1998

The warm nigth entreats me
I wish I were with thee
I miss you already
Your heart you know, your eyes steady

I look at you and flames consume me
I deeply honnestly care for thee
How can anyone not love you?
How can anyones heart not stop when you they view

I study you Like a great Gem
Appraising my sapphire friend
Few flaws can I find
Radiance enough any man to blind

The appraising of you can couse all rational thought to leave
Until you return I shall greive
You take with you my affection
May you never lose your direction

Your many facets set in gold enchant
Your smile, your laugh are worth more than my life's grant
When you lay your royal head upon your bed
Remember those who's lives are being held by your friendships thread

I wish I could not feel
Yet for you I feel
Any price shall I pay
If only in protetive arms you shall always lay
Everynight for your happiness and safety I pray

I wish you could love me
But it is useless to dwell on what shall never be
So I bid thee good journey
I wish that you will retturn happy and safely
That you will return to us,.. to me.


Copyright © 1998 Erick White.