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      Have I told you Lately

            Inspiration: J.M.W
            Finished: Wednsday December 30, 1998

    Have I told you lately how much I love you?
    How Much your eyes shines as does the morning dew
    Have I said your voice heals the soul
    Your words have my heart stole

    Have I said how I love thee
    Have I showed you my thought and bared all from me
    When the winds whisper in the night
    Do you know how the sing your name and shed your candle light

    Can you know how I love you turely and deeply
    Can I ever be sure from my heart you won't turn and flee
    I know your voice better than my own
    I know your thoughts touch me to my bone

    Will you ever know how I love you?
    Can you know that I would never hurt you
    I wonder if you will ever look away
    When after stealing my heart, will you run away?

    I will never hurt you
    I will never harm the blue
    Inside a little piece dies
    Every time you cry

    I hope you know, daily my love for you grows
    Everynight I dream of your arms around me
    Everyday I hope you to see

    Everynight I lay down my weary head
    Everynight I sleep in my lonely bed
    I think of the love you have freed,
    And of how my heart now bleeds
    Will you ever know
    How my heart for you will always overflow?


    Copyright © 1998 Erick White