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Your Forever in my Heart

Je t'aime mon Ravissant. From Your ours en peluche

Here are what I wish I could give you in person. J'adore ton aime. From Your ours en peluche. (What you asked about) I am only giving the link to you. It's all for you. Remember LILY I am LILY Jennifer
When you feel lonely, or need to know someone is thinking of you, come here and be assured I am here, thinking and dreaming of you.

Remember our Promises
Everything I do, is for you, like the song says.
You know I do Holding your Mouse over the flowers will Give you little messages from me when you hold them long enough. Click Here is another Surprise for you :)

So you know Jennifer, the messages and little add-ons will change as time goes On. This isn't much, and I will work on your poetry page too, but this is just another page for you, something so you know how much I care. I don't have as much money as I wish I did, so that you could be treated as you deserve. But what little skills and things I have is at your disposal at anytime.

*Starts singing to you, Everything I do.*

My Shatterd Dreams.
Your Whispers of the Heart

Ready for you In case you lost my picture on disk And you want to see my face, here it is for you. Me And I will add my other new ones when I get them.

Just remember

All for you..........