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Under the Stars

Candles to light the Way Candles to light the Way

Please be here with ME, under the stars. Think of the wonderful day. I will always be here to help you too. Just contemplate with me here the night. Consider what I have said one day at a time. Your friendship is worth the world. I am your friend, I like being with you, And I always want to be with you.

*After a Long pause* Even if it is just friends. Look into the stary night, hear the wind blowing, the birds singing in the night, hear the waterfall rushing by, and think Of your beloved friend who you have helped so much, all I ask is that you think one time of what I have said here. Until then I am enjoying being with you, and I want to be with you for a long time to come.

The night is cool, and yet warm, the sounds of the night are around us, the time for relaxation, The Time for new Beginnings regardless of past pain. My Dear Friend Things I have wanted to give you for a long time Thank you for being here with me, for taking this trip with your mind. Thank you for being here with me.

Thank YOU For Being this Good of a Friend!

listen to the fall

Copyright © 1999 Erick White