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Shattered Dreams

Shattered Dreams

                                                          December 7, 1997
        "Below you lay the broken shards of a mirror
The bright remains of shattered dreams
My heart, my soul is no longer here
I live through your happiness, through your dreams
        The sparkle in your emerald eyes strengthens me
Your pain is my pain
I love you unconditionally
Life is but a foolish game, an endless tear stain
        Your emerald eyes is my only light
In this air, this swirling black mass of despair
The sparkle in your eyes guides me in this eternal night
But I know through out all my pain and sorrow you'll be there"
        She'll never know how much I love her
Or even how much I miss her, even this very night
For a dear, close friend I could wish no better
Your laughter makes this eternal night, a little more bright
        Here lay the shards of shattered dreams
The fire flames flicker overhead
Helping to hide my silver streams
She is my candle, my lifeline in this sinking dread
        My only wish is for her to be happy
That she is loved and her needs cared for
Her cheer is my cheer, her sorrow is my sorrow
May Life's greatest gifts to her be poured
        "I shall always be with you
I shall love you with all my heart............forever
I will be there when you are blue
In the shadows I will stand, silently loving you in all your endeavor
        At your feet lay my shattered dreams
Wheather you can or can't see, by your side I shall always be
Living inside my shattered dreams
        I love you mon ravissant..."


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Hope you reflect deeply on our Shattered Dreams! You know that love is the strangest of all emotions. It can strengthen us or cause us the upmost pain. Pain that surpases all others without even touching us. There is only Life through others, their joys, their happiness, their strengths, their dreams.

Their pain is our pain; their joy ours. There is not always a need for the rememberence of sorrow, or reflection on the one(s) we love, but when there is we will be there.

"Let this be plain to all: design, or as it is called by another name, drawing, constitutes the fountain-head and substance of painting and sculpture and architecture and every other kind of painting, and is the root of all sciences. Let him who has attained possession of this be assured that he possesses a great treasure;....."

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