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I have sculpted words in the form of stories and poetry for several years. What you see before you here is only a small sample of my works. I hope that you have enjoyed what you have read, and that it has moved you, or made you think in some way. If you have not yet read any, then I hope that you enjoy what you do read when you go. I only hope that a make the time go by a little easier, and somehow touch your heart.

Some, to let others read and enjoy what talent I and others have. The inspiration I add to my poems are in most cases the initials of those that caused me to open my heart and write it, those that left the empression on my soul that is what you read. Many are those of ones who have taken my heart. However, some are just close friends whom supported me in my emotional troughs.

Shattered Dreams was in fact born on a very fateful night, the then very tragic time of my best friend of the time's wedding. Her name is Angela, and her and another one of our friends was like the three musketeers. Everything we did, we did together, always played pool every Friday night. Many times we took off at other times and just drove or goofed off together, didn't mater who else was there, they were just extra's cause we would have been doing it anyway.

The night she got married as I had stated earlier on another page, was the first time I had dances with anyone, that night, even though the man she married had been one of our good friends, that night things changed and I knew it, at the time I had had deep feelings for her, but that didn't matter. We still did things a lot after that, for a while anyway, but that night, a large portion of my heart at that time died, Shattered Dreams was born on that day. Easier to tell these things now than then. Time passed, and slowly those feelings for her died, not as a friend, but as more. I don't see her much, and my other friend of the trio, Ashley, I don't see him now either, he moved and became involved in other pursuits. Perhaps this time that some of my earlier poetry was done, was the only time I really felt like I belonged, neither would ever let me fall far.

That night I had felt shattered, because everything I new was dying. Things haven't gotten much better but that is how they stand, slowly, the list progresses, on those who others who made me feel for them, and then forgot about me, or found a reason to fall away even from our friendships.

The ones to take most note of are individuals that have touched me deeply with friendship and love in one form or another. These are the ones you will see anotated as A.R. or C.K. or J.M.W. or S.C.! However noticably and most probably is J.L.L whos is a woman I love very very much, and my best friend. Alot of other things are included in what and why I feel as I do, but that is beyond the scope of this, you will notice most recent ones are about her.

J.M.W was one who had managed to take my heart, for a time telling me she felt for me. We were good friends, then another friend of mine, started speaking with her long distance, this one as well betrayed me, and so I lost both friends, the sour is deep, healing but very deep.

C.K. A good friend of mine, we felt we could tell each other anything and for a long time we could. I had fallen for her, but she felt nothing for me. Can't blame her, a beautiful looking woman, and a good friend, she felt nothing for me at all, other than friendship, as it was, so shall it be. She had a way many times of making me smile when others could not, also a way of bringing out emotions I had thought long dead, and others I did not know existed.

S.C. She taught me how to look within myself, a friend who lived so far away, who I still feel close to even though we have not spoken in awhile. A good poet, and a good friend, and a good teacher. She always tried to get me to see beyond what I saw in myself, to abilities buried, and some I learned, others I fear Sherri, I have not learned to look past, I can not look past what is so truthful. She was help beyond help, and helped me gain many things, and an inner strength I knew not how to tap before, her loving demeanor when I thought I was forgotten, always lifting me. Even during the death of my best friend Jason, when I thought I couldn't take it, she was with me online or on the phone the entire time.

J.L.L The chapter is still open upon her, many things happen, many things change. She has been with me through all the others, she was always there supporting me, and still is. When Jason died, my best friend, whom I had ran around everywhere with, one that I had gotten to be good buddies with, she had been there too. Helping me when Sherri was not around. So many times she was willing to give me my deepest needs, and so many times I Had pushed away, now I pay for these as well, since I had been hurt so much. She is the chapter open here, the one almost all of the new ones will be about. Even though complications have come up, and she loves another, I still feel as I had when I had let the others come first, covering over my fear. She has been with me through thick and then, I can tell her anything, and she me. Very rare that even arguments arise between us. A part of a song by Metallica comes to mind, Nothing Else Matters. "So close not matter how far. Can't get much more from the heart, forever trusting in who we are, and nothing else maters. Trust I seek and find in you, every day for us something new, and nothing else matters." The song is from the black album by Metallica, and one of their biggest hits and one of my favorites.

Truly she has been all these things, and she continues to mean the world to me. In an ever changing world, one in which all else falls around me I can be assured of one thing, even though it is only one thing, that we shall always be friends, always be close, and always be there for each other. As the song says, nothing else matters!

If not Friends, or loves, the others mentioned are then situations, or places that touch my heart. Or where I can recover easily. Places with people that I was with can also show up. Usually they are people, friends, and close loved ones, but not always.
Within Hallowed Halls
Into the Authors Eyes

A little more about me. My name is Erick White and I live in Harrison Arkansas USA. I am 23 years old and I have not had a a woman even look at me with atraction. I have many female friends. I am 6 ft tall and I have blond hair and my eyes change color with whatever I am wearing. The above picture was taken of me in the latter part of 1999. I will probably get a couple others put on later. If your monitor has survived long enough to load that picture then nothing will kill it. I am a very romanatic man. I like candle light, I cook and I like soft music and am a mutilevel artist. I am a little overweight which could explain the no girfriend portion of my description.

I am currently a College student Majoring in Electronics and Computers at NorthArk College. I am learning more on Linux also am involved in a couple out of class projects.

In many ways I can be a very technically inclined person. However that is not all of my life, only one of many facets. I am an avid supporter of both FreeBSD and Linux. In fact two of my instructors from the North Arkansas College is two of my good friends. I work on my poetry when I am not trying to put things together in my personal network.

About once every month or so, I invite friends, and sometimes friends' friend's, over for one of my fish fries. I will make a long elaborate meal with some of my own recipe for trout or whatever fish we have on hand from fishing trips and make a bunch of little additions to it. Many people have a high regard for my cooking, one of my friends mothers even told me that, "Erick you should give up computers and go to chef school and bring your homework to me." Same person told me that I had spoiled her, "Family, all I hear is how come your fish doesn't taste like Erick's!" Well I don't know how good my fish is, I like my recipe, and others do, I don't know the entire quality, but you know, as long as someone likes it, it is a compliment. Thanks Linda, and Frank, one of my other friends who liked it a lot.

I like all kinds of music, even set some of my poetry to be in the form of a song, in case I ever get lessons. I usually write what is on my mind at the moment, a type of emotional outlet I suppose. I hope that it brings others joy, or at least touch them and make them realize what they have or open their eyes to what is around them.

My best friend Jenna has supported me over much. Been there for me when I didn't think anyone else would even try. When it would be hard to talk to anyone else, and although she lives in Minnesota, she is my closest friend, and one I love more than anything else in the world. She has been there for me through much of the heartache you have read in some of my earlier poems, and she is still there for me even though it is now coming from a different source. I will include a picture of her here as well.
I love animals of all kinds, and all children seem to love me. I have a way with them. I guess it comes from my mother being a babysitter; I kind of got use to helping her take care of the children.

I had three years of advanced art in high school. I can ink, draw, sketch, paint to a degree, watercolor pencil is what I prefer for a type of painting. I can sculpt, it is decent, although not anywhere near a professional, although I guess that might come with more practice. I am not trying to brag on anything here, and so hope that it does not come off as such, I am merely saying some about myself. I have done a lot of other artwork, and I enjoy it a lot, I didn't go into it as a field, because I wanted to be able to work around where I live. I can landscape pretty good, and I love plants, and have several of my own, and flowers. I am an apiarist, in case you don't know what that is it is a beekeeper.

I am curently working on a Science fiction novel. It is set in the far future and Reinforces the Idea that humankind is its own worst enemy and that the true monster the true enemy and alien lies within us. Not within the stars we search out into. That although we hold a unifying effect, we tear ourselves apart as well. I know it sounds kind of too brainy but it has action and enough love and intrigue to keep your atention.

It also does not lack the stars, alien species, and advanced technologies we have come to expect from Science Fiction. I only hope that my work holds up well for others and that they will enjoy what they read.

Well that is me. I don't know what all you expect. Short Biography on me and my inpirations. Hope it proved informative. *bows* Click on the Scroll's to the left to view my poetry.