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            Inspiration: J.L.F. & C.R.G.
            Began: August 9, 1998
            Finished: August 9, 1998

Thunder crashes and wolves cry
Your eyes shinning beneath the black velvet sky
Cutting killer knives slicing the black night
Shifting with your phantom touch so slight

Silken roses, silken skin
The thought of your touch shivers send
In half seen dreams of mist filled realities
New things written in the greens trees

With thoughts seen yet unseen you keep me alive
The essence of my soul revive
What things are seen, what things are known
If you could see what seeds you have sown

In your words I lay
As within the Greenís embracing arms I stay
Wrapped within dreams upon dreams
Ribbons woven inside the multiverseís seams

In a world woven of words
A world of scintillating silver eyes
The new Genesis
The beginning of the end or less

Gray Ghosts gallop through your mind
As strong, sure, and rare as the mythical golden hind
Within touches of hope
Within silken skin touches of smoke

Flower petals dance and unfold
The remembered world of times untold
Silver gray petals
Retrieved from infinite variables

What chills the heart
What has tried to unleash the start
The touch of your phantom skin
What strength to the lost you do lend

Within your phantom caress
I can temporarily forget the hopelessness
Solid shared dreams
Slight touches more than it seems

The touch of your mist hand
Melts the dying man
What I would give to run my fingers through your hair
What would I pay if your voice I could hear

If you were flesh and blood with me here
If your skin could touch me I would have nothing to fear
The Chill of your presence
The warmth of Chance

Do you feel as I feel
Can any of this be real
The eyes Iris sparks Genesis
Will the gray orbs turn to mist

When the touch of your hand, the feel of your skin
The thought of the future shivers send
If you can see through shifting sight
You would see a Genesis sun bright


Copyright © 1998 Erick White