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Whisper's Of the Heart

Imagine You are walking a beautiful parklike garden with the one you love. Imagine the scents of roses around you on a cool summer night. The wind whiping your hair lightly, and the images flow into your mind. Live within your soul, and step into this world. The moon is full, and the path is lit. Stroll through the garden as it whispers to your heart.

I am the caretaker of this garden, stroll and enjoy. We take care of it reguarly, peace you should find here, peace of mind. We hope within these hallowed grounds that the Guardian Erick, and the Caretaker, and writer, Jennifer, have touched your soul. Please remember to stitch your name into the enchanted guestbook, and let us touch your heart. If you need anything else ask. Enjoy the whipers of the garden, and heart's. If you enjoy, or need to ask anything, contact me at

"I would Die"
"I am"
"Just Friends"
"You Left"
"My Friend"
"Selfish Male"
"Time Spent"
"Never Forever"
"It's Realy Over"
"You Make me happy"

Hope you have enjoyed your stroll. Come again soon.

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May life smile upon you and feelings flow through the Whipers of The Heart.
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