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Jenna's Nook

Passion's Rose

Blinding Fears

Finished: November 1, 1999
Inspiration: J.L.L Your Tiger

I was blinded and I could not see
What I had with you right there in front of me
I still loved her
I was still aching from the hurt

I lost all I loved
In my reeling agony It was you I shoved
I was blinded by my fear
My fear of losing you, of not having you to walk with me through the years

You mean so much to me
You gave so much, and I kept setting your heart free
You found love, and now I pray it return to me
I woke from the pain
To find again I had lost true gain
Forgive me please my feelings I thought from speaking I had to refrain

I was chasing shadows
Tracking my lost dreams through the snows
I woke up this week
Awoke to find that to continue I am too weak
Too weak to walk without you

You told me you would never leave
I know your heart, and in you I believe
I was afraid if I took your hand
You would like the others slip through my fingers like the sand

I just couldnít see
What you were willing to give me
I was afraid to let myself love you in words to my hearts fullest degree
I loved you then
Now I suffer again for my sins

It was you I loved
And you I was afraid of
For you I would die
Right now, still each night I cry

I love you more than words can say
I still love you more every day
I woke up to see I need you in my life forever
I need you to be in my arms
I need you to help me ride out the storms

I need you next to me
I wished I could of seen
Wished I had conquered my fears
Wished I had not stuck into my heart the blade that sears
I still want you to be mine
I ask you to pardon my crime

Please take my hand
Donít let me die again
Pardon my crime
Please instead be mine
I canít live without you
The nights, I cant make it through

I lost all I loved
In my reeling agony It was you I shoved
I was blinded by my fear
My fear of losing you, of not having you to walk with me through the years
Flow more tears
Knowing I would not have you as mine

I love you now just as then
More than then, please pardon my sin
Release my from my prison
Please be mine
I love you...
        By: Erick

Honey. I love you so much. I don't know how I make it without you. I don't know what I will do without you. You are my best friend. I don't want to wake up without you next to me. Jenna, I was so lost..

You see, I told you I lost everything I loved, and I was afraid of losing you if I told you I wanted to be with you. This week has been more than I thought I could stand. I realized more without any doubt, I want you here with me. I want it to be you I wake up to every morning. I don't want you to cry I just want your love. If I knew then what I know now I would of said yes sooner.

Honey, you see I was thinking as well about stuff like, how would I support you, how would I give you what you need. I didn't want you to be disapointed in me. I knew I didn't have anything to offer you but my love, it is still all I have to offer I need you. More than anything else... I need you...

I will add more to this page as I write more for you. Jenna Lynne Larson I love you so very much. I will add more for you. I will write as long as it takes to get you.
I love you