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      Killing Me!

            Inspiration: J.L.L
            Date: May 8, 2000

It kills me to know you're in the arms of another man
That he is touching you the way I can't
When he has your heart
When what I have left is only a part

When I know he is there holding you
When I know he has you
You cannot see the wound
Maybe the end will come soon

Everyday I lose a little more light
Each day it gets harder to fight
When I think of him lying there with you
When I know there is nothing I can do

I don't know how I can live without your touch
It kills me when I know he's with you
Kills me when I know he tells you
The words I need to say
The reason I die today

Drop by drop my blood spills
Drop by drop my life it steals
The wound too deep to heal
The time too late the gash to seal

Drop by drop I die
Each day I know that next to you he does lie
So hard to deal with the pain
Like trying to stop the rain

I can barely breath
I now believe
It's too late to live
Too late to see

It's killing me
Drop by drop I die
To know it is he who stares into your eyes
Too late did I realize?

I can't live without you
I don't want to try
Too hard to fight back the tears I cry
To late to seal the breach inside

Each day I live without you by my side
Is another day my life is a lie
The knife twists deeper in my soul
A little more of my life it stole
Little more of my life lost
Each day for my sins I pay twice the cost
Knowing he is holding you
Holding your hand
Knowing because of my stupidity I never can.

I'm dying inside
Its no lie
I lost the light
Tearing out my eyes
I no longer wish to see
I no longer deserve to see anything

The light will not fade from what will never see
I don't want to see, if it can't be
I can hear my blood spill upon the floor
What do those living in death need it for?

I am dying without you
I can't live any more
My dreams are dead
My life means nothing while he holds you
I am dying without you
As drop-by-drop I die
Drop by drop I know next to you he lies
Drop by drop I know my life is a lie.


Copyright © 2000 Erick White