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      Living Silence

            Inspiration: E.M.
            Date: Thursday May 27, 1999

Ruins and Remnants rise from ancient shattered and broken ground
My breath and the winds of silence the only living sound
Imprisoned where I am strong
Freadom only where my heart longs

Eyes rageing and burning with more than an inner fire
Unfolding defiant, glowing wings so that I may fly higher
So that I may reach my love
To touch a future fear
Still to you I reach, you who can end the silent tears

I entreaty, please speak unto your heart
Come into my wood
Be with me here, where I am understood
Touch my hand as you touch my heart
Come closer, remove the silent poisoned dart

Across our Green and Remnants I look
To veiw my treasure, the reason all others I forsook
You, my goddess make me whole
It is Here I desire you to be and no less
I wish the silence to give way to your breath
To be my queen and put an end to my living death

Gaze about my world, my Lady Green, and see
I love her as I do thee
Here within my Green's black marble remnants
Your face my dreams haunt
Souring high I scream in defiance
I love you and I bed we build here a chance

I love you, please brake the silence
Loose the winds with your breath
I sit within my dark thrown within my wood
A prisoner here waiting for your kiss
For your loving lips and eternal breath


Copyright © 1999 Erick White