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I want you to be here with me

I know that you are a close friend, and I never want to lose that. Be here with me. Be my friend, trust me always. Step through to this world with me. Listen to the crickets chirping and the running water. The warmth of the fire below, the reflection of the moon in the water. Forget everything else but being here, in this world, with me.

*Pulls something out of his car and gives it to you.* Here is your First gift. Thank you Well see how you like this one. *Smiles* Here is your other one, click to open it. :) For You My friend When you have opened it up and eaten everything inside then click the back button on your browser. :)

Dozen For You Here are Some Roses my friend. Not real, and right now I wish it was real, but the thought is the same my friend. They might be virtual, but they are getting to you all the same. *Kisses your hand*

Come Sit next to by the fire, burn the marshmellows. :)

Roast them with me!

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