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        Dark Paths

            December 13,1997
            Inspiration: A.R.

      A dark path winds in front of me
    Shifting over a churning, stormy sea
    What agony it brings when you love someone unconditionally
    When you love them silently and hopelessly

      A green sun breaks the horizon
    The green glow calms the golden waves and soft sirenian wind
    For a short time my soul sours
    That sun's light my heart stores

      The path continues and I follow you
    Trailing behind in that deep blackish-blue hue
    Even the life giving light pales compared to thee
    You mean more than the world to me

      She is all I can see
    I shall be in pain for eternity
    Your heart to another belongs
    To you mine belongs, for you my heart longs

      Sometimes I wish you knew
    How deeply I love you
    But dreams are only dreams
    And you are my living dream

      With soul searching sight
    With the darkness of light
    When I gaze into the depths of my heart, I see you
    Your happiness refreshes like the morning dew

      You fallow your road
    And I fallow far behind with this heavy load
    Your kind touch sustains me for a day
    Your green glow wipes the tears away

      Your eyes can never know
    The sirenian wind whispers upon the breeze "she knows"
    My heart answers how could she
    My dreams are dreams death has let be.


    copyright © 1997 Erick White.