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            Saturday October ,1997

The cool autumn winds signal a transformation
The changing of leaves agrees
The set of the sun approaches this transition
Even the animals curl up in their homes and Hives as bees

For now the wind is crisp and clear
Leading our thoughts to dreams of past love and spring
This is as clear as one his head up douse rear
And think of past, pleasant things.

The chill wind will come
The death or at least the sleeping of the world
The waning of the sun, the chilling of one
In it's season the sun will return to earth's twirl

The sun, the warmth, the light shall one-day return
But not for many long, long years to come, for many a year
For the green rivers waves and the yellow sun's strings we, ..I, shall yearn
To last through, thoughts of green pools and beginnings, through white eternity

The reds, purples, greens, and golds fall splendor remain here
The deep crimson red as of hearts blood
Bright yellows and gold strands like that of golden hair
Oranges like those of summers season, filter into the eyes a joyful flood

For now joys around us maybe found
Or now the air our thinking can attempt to clear
The spools of time spin as the threads they have wound
Animals now chitter and gather

Gathering the fruits spawned of spring for autumn and winter
So we store up sights, sounds at dusk of day to travel till tomorrow
As the seasons beautiful colors begin to unravel
Autumn is the season for the remembrance to dwell just before the sorrow.


copyright © 1997 Erick White