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            Inspiration:C.K. Begun: Thursday April 16, 1998
            Finished: Friday April 17, 1998

My head is reeling
In Dispair was my head spinning
But Just a small smile
Cause my pain to flee away miles

When dispair has blasted me with its darkest deal
When my comfort it did steel
Your delicate mischievous smirk did cause all pain to leave
You leave me with but one thing to grieve

Depression flees before thee
But What can you see?
Mountains rise from the mist
Eagles sour the sky and wish

I feel better knowing you are there
Knowing that I have your ear
Your sapphire eyes tell of far better things
They tell of far grander dreams

You can always touch my heart
You have been able to from the start
I thank you for that warm knowing smile
I thank you for not making me stand trial

Remember I am here for anything you need
I have no greed
What you wish I will do
Tank You

I try to speak not of my pain
But it is there and strength it does gain
You banish it all with a grin
With that innocent soul searing mental send

Your smile heals
Your mischievous grin reveals
Your angelic face
The immortal grace

You know not what you do
Yet you know what to say and what to do
To raise the spirit high
And make me no longer wish to die

Thank you!!
J'aime tu
Images etched in my mind
Your immaculate smile they will find.


Copyright © 1998 Erick White