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        Finished: Thursday January 22, 1998

I travel a never ending spiral staircase
I see my goal ahead but a few paces
Just above me I see happiness for eternity
Why can I see, why can't someone's love find me

I am running an internal upward race
Why do we lose all we attempt to embrace
I am constantly reaching for that which I can not reach
I can not seal the breach

With the ability to love, what do we gain?
It doth foster pain amongst driving rain
To love and yet not be loved anyday
It maters not what we do, we can not throw them away

I hate what I see in the mirror
What others run from in fear
Life wishes that I not have her,
Nor any other

I run this never ending stretching spiral
Distant angels sing a sorrowful song
Barely I do touch the Jade blade
Open with that blade my chest has been laid

Should I try for a bridge
I think for that I have not enough courage
I stare out from a landing, all alone
Resting forever upon the spiral stairs obsidian stone

To hold in the hearts blood I try
But everyday is out of reach and everyday I die
Out flows my crimson soul
And again this monsters happiness is stole

Soon we believe in none
Without love we see what we have become
Run I must, run for my heart and mind I can not trust
Avoiding another heart stained dagger thrust

To be loved by another is only a fantasy
How many more tears can this soul see
I flout in a churning Sapphire sea
Listening to the riddles from pools of green eternity

If only others could see the compassion within
The love waiting to live
No one will ever see
Because no one will ever look within me

All around me are those with love and the suns light
They are the ones who have won the fight
The beast cringes in the shadows shelter
He, ...I cover my eyes lest some other should look hither

In my mind the lightning strikes
And the world performs its primitive rites
Silver streams from my eyes roll
Rain begins puttering upon the river as by I stroll

Spiders silken strands
What more can this world do and demand
Those silken strands spiral even within
That trap the light that can our souls mend

As those jade blades flash and spin in there deadly dance
Moonlight into my errant eyes lance
What dreams shall these spirals seem to let us dream
How do we survive amongst sapphire and Jade reflections of their inner gleam

Trying to end the spirals endless cry
But every day I reach and try and each and every day I die.


copyright © 1998 Erick White.