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            Inspiration: J.M.W.
            Finished: Friday January 15, 1999

The sun sets fir to the sky
Bringing clouds to life and eagles to flight
As you Look Heavenward
My heart has begun to burn

Do you see
I send my heart souring to thee
My love for you fills the heavens
No mater where you are, I am thinking of you then

As the sun sets the clouds ablaze
So you started within my soul a blaze
You see within me
Even from afar you set my heart free

Someone far away is still thinking of you
And I will to you always be true
How I long to hold you tenderly
To hear your voice no mater how briefly

I give you my whole heart
Is it enough to span the distance that keeps us apart
I am with you always in spirit
My Love for you is enough to fill the rift

To feel your hand touch mine
Would allow me paradise to find
My love I send across the land
Will you always grasp it within your hand

You touch my heart
You touch my inner feelings
And you make my heart beat
And make me desire the future to meet

I treasure the sunset
It touches and unites us both with one regret
That I canít always have you here
That your voice I canít always hear.


Copyright © 1999 Erick White