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      The Journey

            Inspiration: B.E.B., S.C.
            Date: July 9, 1999

The ancient engraved archway opens up ahead of me
The gateway that leads outward from the mind
A path from the heart
From the soul
I step through the gateway into the darkness
How hard it is the way to remember

Ahead of me a long journey does lie
One past the wails and painful cries
A path couched in shadow and fire
A journey to reclaim what was lost upon a funeral pyre

The path through deep shadow
A quest to with oaken bow fight through sorrow
A Journey
A trek of time

Venturing forth again from safe battlements
To the Journey through deep wood
How hard it is to reclaim a scorched soul
How hard to unearth what was stole

But again the journey I renew
Again I wrap myself deep within the night and drink deeply its dew
To venture back within the semi-known
Difficult is that task
Pray I that this quest will not in the end leave me alone

The battle to reclaim the lost is long
Eternal is the quest to win back my heart's song
The path is arduous to the light
Far off is the time when I shall be embraced with more than the night
When I will hold flesh and see breath with sight

How hard to unearth what was stole
How difficult to reclaim my scorched soul
A Journey of reclaimation
A Trek out of sorrow
A Journey of Self Redemtion


Copyright © 1999 Erick White