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            Wednesday January 14, 1998

What day doth dawn
That bringeth not terrible truth and trials
The monster to beauty is drawn
To troubles and deep sorrows and trampled wills

Honor and friendship call
A black tower rises from the earth's bone
Inside remains the forgotten devotion hall
What things stronger than friendship can we hone

Those obsidian spires jut upward into the sky
The strong stone forged of friendship
The blackness from the absence of Aphrodite's eye
Emotion from these hollowed halls we do strip

What pulls us through the pain
What prevents the chill winter wind from sinking in
Mon Amie, you help pull me back from he pouring rain
Me Mon Amie blocks dispair's children

The sapphire gems set in those marbled walls
Those shinning sapphire stones lessen agony of emerald light
Compassion is what shines in those deep waterfalls
Chalices sapphire settings cool the pool of green eternity more than slight

As another day doth dawn
I stroll through the palace gardens dew
Perhaps some of the sorrow is gone
Thanks to you, my soul only now drifts the midnight's healing hue.


Copyright © 1998 Erick White.