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      Winter Winds

            Inspiration: S.C., B.E.B.
            Date:Tuesday July 13, 1999

The winds whip and wail
The nights fates are hidden among the stars
Looking into the skies chalice for an answer
For the path I should take, for what more I should endure

I embark upon this cold trek
The winds wailing voice walking with me
My companion under the stars
The one with whom I pass the silent hours
I, the warrior walking among the dark heavens this night
Sometimes the greatest road is within, and hence the greatest fight

The wailing winds atempt to console my soul
Their words atempting to fill the hole
Atempting the darkness to hold
Among the night's fates so sits my destiny
The one reaching out, and taking hold I forge inside of me

The snow covered expanse stretches outward
Into the unknown of our own inner world
Into the dark lands of our own heart
The wailing winds seek to enlighten
Seeks to help us see without sight

My breath turning to frost upon the chill air
I raise my sheild into the chill night I fix my stare
I need flesh and blood as a comapanion
I need the lady more each day
This the warrior sees in the darkness, within the chill gray
I need a hand upon my heart
I need another souls kiss
Another heart beating beside me

A wolf howles in the distance
The stars look down within the earths halls
Within the warriors own walls
The wolves cry an echo of my heart
An echo of an empty hunt
A cry for a companion

The moonlight illuminates the iceland
The sleeping world around this the one man
The Trek is long, a search for a loving hand
For a touch in the darkness

The night is yet long
The world is sleeping now
The Winter lord is the one I seek to slay
A path through the night
I see without sight

Wailing winds be my guide
Show me where my strength doth lie
I try to listen to your voice
Within the stars I catch site of her
Of the fate I seek
My path is still cloudy but more sure

My Prayers said and done
I stand alone, except for the wailing winds
I lay back my throught and howl escapes my lips
The Wolf pack alone are my brethren

I raise my sword and continiue
The fate I seek guides my blade
The Winterlord awaits
The wailing winds consoling my soul
The quest awaits.


Copyright © 1999 Erick White