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      Wood Winds

            Inspiration: B.E.B., S.C.
            Date: Sunday June 27, 1999

The light is a dim soft glow
Dusky moonlight that in the slightly cool winds blow
Silver powdery light shinning upon mountains and waters
The touch of a soft voice that doth not the heart shatter

See the highlights of the starlit Hills
See the highlights of those eyes that give such warm chills
The touch of the breeze
The touch of your hand
Alone we do not stand

Here standing where only Wind and Heaven see
Here under the dusky moonlight and warmed blood heart and soul agree
The tender touch
The beautiful nights were never enough

Dance with the woods' winds
This with that dear voice and delicate hand the heart mends
Do with eyes see
Words said so tenderly
Loving more than sight
Dance and embrace the inner light

The rustle of leaves
The voice upon the breeze
The touch of light
The embrace of night
Dusky moonlit glow
On this night, the night our, my love does grow

Dance with the woods' winds
This with that dear voice and hand the heart mends
Tell the world at last your here to heal
How with all a single kiss will seal
Kiss in the dancing woods' winds
The other heart that mends


Copyright © 1999 Erick White