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You are the heart traveler to come since March 9,1998.

Within the Scrolls to your left, lie the work of myself, Erick White. I maintain this site and penned the poem Shattered Dreams. Each scroll is a doorway to a different world. The doorway will lead you back here should you need to return. I hope you enjoy your stay within the halls.

If you have ICQ and would like to contact me. The portal to my world comes through ICQ# 5471644.

Questions? Coments? or just want drop a line write me at or at These reflections bare my soul. Always Remember........

I have sculpted words in the form of stories and poetry for several years. What you see before you here is only a small sample of my works.
If you would like to understand the inpirations and more about the author click on
Further Inspirations.

If Someone wishes I can provide other poetry or references if a publisher, or or someone who can offer their assistance, is viewing this page or the rest of my site:)

Many of the backgrouds within my site were created by a very good friends Jamie, also known as FoxyLady on ICQ and on others like mIRC. Check out her site, she has much to offer and made me some of these by my request, and only for me. I Thank you from the bottom of my heart Jamie. You Have my deepest thanks and gratitude. For your assistance in more than this site.Graphics by Foxy

Copyright © 1997-99 Erick White.