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Green Chorus

Look at this with me


Finished: Friday Febuary 12, 1999
Inspiration: L.E., C.L.K.

Rushing waters roars into the river below
The peaceful roar always will know
Silently watching the wood
Touching all the heart's that there once stood

Listening to the noble hawk's calls
And delicate prints of wolf paws
Walking the paths touched little by man
Look at me, at my outstreched hand

The wolves Howls raising our hearts into the moonlit sky
Like the proud hawk far into the silken night fly
Please look into my eyes and delve within
Let me also search your soul, and to your heart Listen

Feel the moist air of the fall?
Breathe deeply the moist air and please let me hear your gentle call
The whisper of the river washes over us
When I look to you, I see someone I can trust
I see something, someone that in my life is a must

Do you hear the animals around us
Do you hear the waterfall and the green's gently chorus?
I feel its soft caress
Only if your silken hand would in mine press

I look into the glittering depths
But they are the eyes that into the stars have given new breath
Feel the night
Can you give a chance to perhaps another light?

Gaze deep within the shadows
See the serenity within the tree hollows
If only you would touch my hand
As you have touched me heart
And helped heal the hurt

The wind sways the branches
The moonlingt on the ground playfully dances
The owls and the crickets play their endless love songs
The ones sweet, and timeless and ever long

Oh Green you have always been my family
You have always been there for me
Oh help her to see me also
To see what can grow

The river slowly sings its song
And the shadows dance
To touch the river's elixer
Looking into her eyes and seeing the passing of winter
The passing of winter in the spring

The owl lends its voice
Can you make a choice
The Green has always loved
Now I only wait for my lunar goddess to look down from above
Now I wait for you to realy, truthfully see me.
The moonlight reflect in the waterfall.

By: Erick

You have always been there for me!

Well now you know how I feel and what I have been working on. You see I have put all this from my heart here, you know I don't say what I don't mean. You are a friend we have been trhough alot together. You see what I went through, think about it all. Consider it. You are my friend and I thank you for all you have given me. Again I thank you my friend from the bottom of my heart.

You have me hope again, you gave me something to look to. You gave me something I never thought I would have. You are my solice this night, and have been for some time. Always be with me, always be my friend, and maybe one day more. Hope you ejoy all this.


Copyright © 1999 Erick White