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Nightly Journeys

The cool night air washes over you. An owl flys over head. You hear the words of the one you love in the night, are they there with you? Hold close those you treasure and continue along the path. Gaze within the depths and hearts of the thousands of worlds. Look deep within your own soul grasp what you find there. Never let go.

Breath in the fragrance all around you and hear the earth speak to you. Listen to the Lady Green's children. Listen to yourself, and the heart of the one you love. Create your own world along the path. Choose a portal from directions below. And....... .......


The broken shards of Erick White

The cybernetic synapses of The Neuromancer
"For The One I Love" by: Stephanie Grayson.
"One Who Fears" by: Stephanie Grayson.
"Learning to Say GoodBye" by: Casey Gatzki.
"Remembering the Times" By: Dawn Bilyeu
"The Rose" By: Dawn Bilyeu
"I Heard You Cry" By: Dawn Bilyeu
"Je T'aime" By: Evale Derangè
"Anymore" By:?
"I REMEMBER" By: Madeline Daring
"Box" By: ?
"Dreaming Of Debra" By: John Tipton
"Another Peice" By: Sherri Conant
"Wisdom" By: Sherri Conant
"Reflection" By: Sherri Conant

Traverse the path, and listen with your heart. We shall be here, we shall show you more. Let us touch your heart. Write us back and touch ours. The path continues in front of you, there is more to see. Walk here with us again, in the night, in the gentle solice,... walk with us in your own solitude.

The wanderers to visit this part of the site since March 9, 1998.

If You need to use anything you find here, or would like to copy it it is allowable, please read however the notices of repect on the carved stone in front of you. Etched Marble Stone.
And another special thanks to my friend Foxy. Graphics by Foxy
Copyright © 1997-99 Erick White and the poets of "SHATTERED DREAMS."